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How "BENEŠ A LÁT,"  Traditional Industrial Business, Uses Enterprise Social Network By LutherOne To Connect Workers Across Production Plants

October 12, 2022, 5-min. read

About BaL

Established in 1934, BENEŠ a LÁT is a traditional industrial company founded in Czechia. Focused on production of high quality casting from Aluminium and Zinc based alloys, Plastic injected parts and complete process from design to assembly. The whole BaL family has a total of over 450 colleagues spread across 4 production plants.

The Challenge

BaL has always been a great showcase of how innovation can keep the best of traditions alive in a modern era. Traditions that go way beyond the product. One of these is their family-like work environment built on communication, respect, trust, and continuous feedback.  

But keeping such culture alive when people are spread across different locations can pose a unique challenge. 

The Solution

By its very nature, a scattered workforce is less connected to a company's central hub of information & activity, which means people may miss out on communal activities. Also, even though having an open-door policy helps any business on its own, it is far from enough to truly manage employee engagement and get both the qualitative & quantitative insight you need to run your company well. 

Luckily, LutherOne is powered by technology that brings everything to one place and uncovers new ways to connect, engage & recognize people regardless of their location. 

By combining LutherOne's continuous engagement surveys (powered by smart question distribution algorithms), continuous feedback tools & internal social network, BaL got everything they needed to take their company culture another step further. 


LutherOne appealed to us from the very beginning and implementation was not a long thought. We had several channels of information before the application itself, but as I say, only channels of information. We didn't have an enterprise network, but we dreamed about one for a while - and that dream came true with LutherOne.


"We pride ourselves on tradition and family atmosphere, and LutherOne has brought us more together. By having four operations in four different locations, LO is a great way for employees to connect", commented Svatopluk Runcik & Jan Lat, CFO of BaL.

Unlike with other solutions where people's engagement drops over time, participation & response rate in BaL has been growing ever since the launch. That is also due to their ability to respond to the needs of their people thanks to continuous insight into their organization enriched with predictions & targeted recommendations. 

"The results from the surveys are now much better than at the beginning with LutherOne. Everyone who participates is also more motivated", added Svatopluk Runcik & Jan Lat. 

And the community spirit in BaL has been thriving as well. 

"LutherOne helps us to improve and monitor the atmosphere. We have the opportunity to see how life is going in other production plants and also to show off how things are going in ours. We try to get people involved with various polls or competitions. We promote the events we do for our employees here and share photos of the various events we participate in. The CEO regularly gets involved in responding to the posts, which also shows employees that we care about them", concluded Veronika Kracikova from BaL's HR department. 

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