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How CompuGroup Medical, a Leading eHealth Company, Prevents Attrition Using LutherOne

Jan 19, 2022, 5-min. read
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About CompuGroup Medical

CompuGroup Medical delivers important software to improve health and the quality of life. They build bridges between physicians, health insurances, laboratories, rehab and care facilities, and hospitals to help them provide optimum care. With locations in 18 countries and products in 56 countries worldwide, CompuGroup Medical is the e-health company with one of the highest coverages among healthcare professionals.

The Challenge

For CompuGroup Medical, values, company culture & employee engagement have always been at the very core of their mission to improve the quality of life for both their customers and employees. CGM has always listened to their people and has been continuously seeking new ways to better understand their needs & challenges.

The Solution

By choosing LutherOne's continuous survey solutions, CGM could get a deep look into their organization with the least effort possible.

Thanks to smart question distribution (distributing and rotating over 100 customizable questions), CGM has been mapping dozens of crucial areas with just six questions every week per employee. And with real-time interactive dashboards, and recommendations tailored to the level of a single team, leaders, as well as every single manager, can easily get to the root of any problem. 

„Continual mapping of our company culture helps us better work with our people and the teams, and promptly respond to any findings..."


Thanks to LutherOne's real-time approach to surveys, CGM has been able to keep an eye on all the crucial indicators on all levels ever since. 

"One of the strongest moments when we could see the real impacts of LutherOne was in understanding the situation in our sales division where we looked for ways to prevent attrition.", said Zuzana Jandorova, Executive Director of CompuGroup Medical.

Just in the past year, the Telesales team could see a whopping increase in eNPS of 29 points. Apart from increased engagement, they observed growth across indicators including Trust, Empowerment, Fairness, Loyalty, Stress management, and many more. 

"A significant problem in a team requires a lot of effort. That's why I like using LutherOne to fight fires at their early stages when it is still fairly easy. Any deviations are worth exploring as it helps big fires from forming..." said the manager of the team. 

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