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How TELPARK, Leader In The Parking & Mobility Sector, Uses LutherOne To Drive Cultural Transformation

Nov 29, 2021, 5-min. read

About Empark/Telpark

Empark, Aparcamientos y Servicios, S.A., is a company that has recently rebranded as Telpark. It leads the parking and mobility sector in Spain and Portugal and is at the forefront at the international level. With a presence in 148 municipalities in Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Turkey, they are responsible for more than 419,000 parking spaces that facilitate the movements of more than 150 million people every year, helping them optimise their time. 

The Challenge

Adapt or perish, now as ever, is any business's inexorable imperative. The pandemic has had tremendous and swift effects on most workplaces, calling for cultural shift ensuring sustainability powered by agility. And just like in many other areas, Telpark has been leading the way, putting people at the forefront of their transformation journey.  

"Now more than ever, it is a critical time to listen to our employees continuously. We also needed a solution that would allow us to measure the impacts of actions that have been taken...", said Alejandra López-Baissón, Chief People Officer at Telpark. 

The Solution

A successful cultural transformation requires taking an introspective look at a company. It's essential to understand the company's current state, and its challenges, rigorously measuring multiple parts of the transformation to see where you're succeeding and to be able to swiftly respond to any developments. People must have space and tools to provide feedback on the process, and to each other, for that matter.

By choosing LutherOne's continuous surveys solutions, Telpark could get all that and more. Thanks to smart question distribution (distributing and rotating over 100 customizable questions), they can map dozens of crucial areas with just 16 questions a month per employee. And with real-time interactive dashboards, and recommendations tailored to the level of a single team, leaders, as well as every single manager, can easily get to the root of any problem. 

To make organizational shift occur, however, feedback from all directions is vital. Including Bubbles, the most gamified and personal feedback tool, employees across the company can share valuable feedback with their colleagues with just a few finger taps. 

Lastly, any successful business transformation leads to desired business outcomes. Using LutherOne's performance management module with an OKRs approach, Telpark can continuously track how both individual and teams' performance measure up to defined business growth targets.

„It is necessary for our employees to see that their opinions matter because change is driven by all of us. We believe that having the pulse on the level of engagement of employees is fundamental when it comes to planning initiatives… "


Thanks to LutherOne's unique approach to the surveys, Telpark could see the first benefits practically immediately. Apart from increased engagement, they could see growth in indicators including strategy & top management perception, and fairness, to name a few... 

"We have identified that we needed to improve communication to reach all levels, and we have found that the line management needs more support to transmit the information across. We have created two-way communication channels with the second line and also the HR & Internal communication department. We have also implemented multiple organizational changes based on the results.", said Carmen Cortés | Internal Communications and CSR director at Telpark.

Apart from real-time insight into the organization, Telpark can see precise predictions and smart recommendations tailored to each team, directly in their interactive dashboards - this allows them to respond to any development immediately. 

"With the predictive analytics, we can see what is going to happen, and the recommendations help us make the right decision." , Alejandra closed. 

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