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Building a team from square one_LP

The first and most crucial network every leader must build is their own support system. A squad. A crew. A gang. Of course, not every manager has the opportunity to experience what it’s like to put together a brand new team - no restrictions, no limits, no need to build on the kind of people one already has. However, most managers eventually look for a new addition to their task-force, need to find a replacement for a colleague, or simply have to put together a pack to tackle some challenging project.

And this task requires a strategic approach, looking ahead a few steps. Just like in a chess game you need to choose the fitting pieces and move them to the correct parts of the board to achieve the goal. So, whether you’re starting from scratch, or you are on a mission to give your team a little refresh, it’s good to know from where to begin.

But bare in mind, that there’s an important difference. Those little pieces on a chessboard aren’t human. But your people are. And they need to be treated accordingly.