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How Fortuna Entertainment Group, a Leading Omni-channel Betting and Gaming Operator,  Uses LutherOne To Stay In Touch With Hybrid Workforce

October 12, 2022, 5-min. read

About Fortuna Entertainment Group

Fortuna Entertainment Group a.s. is a leading omni-channel betting and gaming operator in Central and Eastern Europe. Through its subsidiaries, it is active in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Croatia.

The Challenge

Before implementing LutherOne, Fortuna had a long history of conducting engagement surveys. From very traditional yearly surveying to bi-monthly snapshots, Fortuna has always considered the voice of employees a crucial part of transparent and honest company culture. However, all of the solutions were just a one-off probe with no way of tracking trends or the ability to see the response to changes implemented. The surveying took a long time, and their evaluation was even longer.

Even a few weeks is a long time when circumstances can change fundamentally in today's rapidly changing world.

That's why, at the very beginning of the pandemic, during the first lockdown, Fortuna changed their approach to continuous surveying, asking ten questions every two months.

This gave them much greater insight into the organization's atmosphere; however, the technical approach lacked flexibility and relied on manual report generating, with results available days after the survey.

Also, given the extensive network of Fortuna Entertainment Group, surveying retail workers without access to digital devices has always posed a big challenge.

So they started looking for a more technically advanced solution that would yield the deepest company insight with the least effort possible on the employee side, maximizing the value of gathering data to offer extra intelligence, including predictions and recommendations.

In today's fast-paced world, we need a continual overview of how our people are feeling, how they perceive the changes we implement, or how they're being affected by external factors such as the recession and inflation..." 

The Solution

By choosing LutherOne's continuous listening solution, they could get all that and more. Thanks to intelligent question distribution (distributing and rotating over 100 customizable questions), FEG could map dozens of crucial areas with just 16 questions a month per employee. 

Apart from utilizing predefined templates and enriching them with their own questions, FEG wanted to put emphasis on a few areas of concern. 

"Given our hybrid working model, you could say that everyone works partly remotely. That's why the Working Environment and the Psychological Safety Scores, for example, were important to us. We wanted to ensure that people don't feel disconnected from others and know they are part of the team", said Zoltan Levai, Head of Communication, Culture, and Employer Branding of the FEG group. 

And with multiple sign-in options, they could start listening to what people had to say regardless of where they worked from or what devices they were using. 


Right after the launch, FEG employees could see the first benefits that went way beyond the unmatched insights.

"Unlike other systems, we spent minimal time training or explaining how to complete the questionnaire. Our staff naturally opened the link, logged in, and then just answered. The intuitive user experience has also resulted in our high organic survey response rate", commented Zoltan Levai. 

And the first impact on results did not take long either. Since the launch, the company climate has continuously grown, adding over 10% in just a few months. Both Psychological safety & Working environment indexes have grown too, and other success stories started quickly appearing across the company.

"In the Operations department, based on feedback, we have introduced more frequent all-hands meetings with the opportunity to ask questions to ensure all our colleagues have the information they need - which has positively impacted many areas, including the Engagement and Happiness index. And for the India-based business intelligence team, we completely changed the training system to a much more flexible one based on the results and follow-up interviews. This positively impacted both the eNPS score and the Climate Index", added Zoltan Levai. 

And how do managers perceive the recommendations? 

"Managers see them as useful, simple, and easy to grasp. There is also a very positive response to the information on correlations between indices and various scores", concluded Zoltan Levai. 

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