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Employee onboarding is a make-or-break period that can determine not only your people’s but your company’s success.

Even in the best of times, onboarding can pose quite a challenge for all involved parties. Unfamiliar surroundings, unknown faces, everyone juggling between countless tasks. These factors are even more pronounced when workers are onboarded remotely as the usual organic integration into the company processes and culture is lacking.

Learn how industry leaders use LutherOne to address commonly overlooked yet distinct pillars of a great onboarding:


Getting aboard all legal, regulatory, policy & company related standards.

Purpose & expectations

Ensuring employees understand the content of their jobs and how they're doing fits into the company’s vision & strategy.


Identification with both formal & informal organizational norms.


Building relationships, creating support & information network.

Feedback & recognition

Providing guidance, motivation, and helping new hires calibrate to new norms.

Performance & productivity

Getting employees up to speed, one step at a time.

Measuring & improving

Giving new hires the chance to share their fresh-eyed feedback about the company and the onboarding process itself.

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Standardize & automate your onboarding paths

From completing required paperwork, exploring all company perks to enjoying the first ever virtual lunch with the team, an onboarding plan can be a daunting list of to-dos. Standardize your onboarding process and set your people for success from day one with:

Fully customizable onboarding checklists

Individual onboarding paths with personal tasks & activities

Team dashboards for quick overview of actions

Accelerate performance & get people aboard the feedback culture

The first weeks a new hire spends at the company set the tone for their entire experience. With LutherOne, you can rest assured that employees understand that performance & continuous feedback is a priority for mutual success.

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Get your new joiners up to speed

Bring your newcomers into the conversation from day 1 by giving them a space to connect, collaborate and build communities, ensuring they have access to all key information regardless of where they’re working from.

News feed to navigate all the latest communications

Employee profiles & team structures for quick navigation

Workspaces to connect everyone, share experiences & know-how

Key onboarding resources library

Support chat & help centre workspace

Measure. Improve. Repeat

Continuous & systematic way to measure your new hire experiences will help you uncover gaps, improve the onboarding process, and bring a fresh perspective on multiple business aspects only a new joiner can provide.

AI powered predictions & recommendation

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