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How a Major CEE Telco Increased Departmental ENPS by More Than 60 Points Using Continuous Listening Solutions by LutherOne

May 18, 2021, 4-min. read
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The Challenge

When a company goes through a challenging phase, one that a global pandemic surely is, a negative atmosphere can descend on a workplace. This goes double for teams that are already showing clear warning signs. One of the departments in our client's Telco business was a clear textbook example of this."There was always this bad atmosphere settling insidiously in this department's environment. Everybody felt it. But no-one could get to the bottom of it as we didn't have any data to rationalize and/or address the situation." said an HR Manager. A few people have resigned, putting even more stress on the rest of the teams.

The Solution

With the outbreak of COVID-19, it was crucial for businesses across the company's group (present across CEE) to understand how these unprecedented circumstances impacted their employees, employee engagement, collaboration, performance, and how well they were managing the abrupt transition to remote working as well as the crisis overall. At the same time, they didn't want to overwhelm people with lengthy surveys, and simple pulse survey wouldn't provide wide-enough insights. 

Using LutherOne's continuous engagement survey solutions, they could get all that and more. Thanks to smart question distribution (distributing and rotating over 100 customizable questions), they could map dozens of crucial areas with just 6 questions a week per employee. And with real-time interactive dashboards, and recommendations tailored to the level of a single team, they could easily get to the root of the problem.

It was continuous data and automated root-cause analysis that finally allowed the business to turnaround the situation in the department. Based on the insights, with close cooperation of HR and leadership team, they reorganized the department in a way to balance seniority, empowering some, and providing better guidance to the others. And the results didn't take long to show. 

We had a feeling something wasn't good, but LutherOne gave us hard evidence, offered clear explanation, and provided specific recommendations...


In just a few weeks, the departmental engagement index jumped by a whooping 76%, ENPS grew significantly as well - from alarming 6 points to almost 70. And so did other crucial indicators. Index of the satisfaction with the manager doubled, team efficiency score grew by over 80%, cooperation by 40%. And with loyalty score of 87 (originally 51), the attrition risk dropped by almost 40%. 

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