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How HR Tech Can Help Improve Employee Engagement

December 15, 2022, 5-min. read

Well-placed HR tech can provide accurate measurement, reach and objectivity, from which to build a renewed culture of employee engagement.

But for employee engagement to be sustainable, and for healthy employee relationships to bear fruit requires buy-in from your people.

As we’re sure you’re well aware, you can’t click your fingers and generate a productive, happy, purpose-led workforce. You need to provide the managerial and technological groundwork that supports a workplace led by psychological safety, togetherness, meaning, and passion for work.

Even though we live on the cusp of the digital age, tech cannot do this alone. But what tech can do is build a scaffold of employee engagement that guarantees a personal, contextual connection between employee and employer.

So how exactly can HR tech help create, or improve, employee engagement?

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Surveys and anonymised 360-degree continuous feedback

At the heart of employee engagement lies feedback.

Understanding the level of passion your people have for their job and organization puts you a step ahead of the competition. In the modern workplace, employees need to be allowed to share their emotional and personal drivers, as well as their professional ones, to give organizational leaders the right data to improve work culture, workflows and measurable performance KPIs.

Some of the most effective ways of doing this are via employee surveys (both named and anonymous), and enshrining cultures of continuous feedback across peer groups and from employee to manager. At LutherOne, we feel that building effective cultures of feedback using targeted tools is effective for any and every company, be it in-office or remote.


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By utilizing these peer-first communicative strategies you engage your teams on a more personal, context-led basis, rather than relying on disparate reviews or incoherent “check-ins”.

Your teams know how their performances are judged in real-time (through engagement mapping), managers are able to react to employee feedback to improve direction, and by using digital tools like LutherOne to better measure and collate the data you need to assess engagement and feedback on engagement, staff are continually rewarded for real-time work.

Design work with multiple “spaces”

Our “always on” culture can blur the lines between deep thinking work, roundtables, meetings, and work socials. In short, it’s hard for people to switch from all of work, all the time. For most employees, each space requires its own approach, and often breaking down the barriers between those spaces can confuse target setting, and make work delivery sporadic.

At LutherOne, we’ve pioneered an internal social network system of workspaces that gives employers the option to break out teams, workflows, and conversations into segmented areas. This gives staff and managers clear input into each group, organizing workflows and reducing admin clutter.

We’ve also given customers of LutherOne groundbreaking tools to align their staff to company goals and purpose, and plenty of options in how they build their spaces: companies can create news channels, groups for teams, leadership Q&A sessions, and customize threads to create knowledge-sharing platforms with open, closed or secret workspaces.

Gamifying reward and recognition

It’s now common knowledge that gamifying reward and recognition can dramatically improve development channels for staff, and encourage employees to reach for higher levels of performance in a sustainable, fun way.

Here at LutherOne, we are huge advocates of gamifying rewards, and see them as an integral part of employee engagement. Through digital awards, badges, and certificates we boost rewards, celebrate credibility, and stimulate engagement and performance, all directly within our peer-to-peer performance management software platform.

Help your leaders lead!

HR tech doesn’t just provide digital platforms to help employees succeed - it can also help leaders lead.

We know that the leaders of tomorrow need to understand the data of today to improve their ability to lead and drive performance improvements. LutherOne’s intuitive and interactive real-time dashboards provide actionable data and precise company-wide predictions to drive strategy and direction.

Naturally, this reflects on managerial input and increases employee engagement by rote of context-led, flexible leadership.

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