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How HR Tech Can Help Improve Remote & Hybrid Management Cultures

January 02, 2022, 4-min. read

The rise in decentralized models of workforce management has meant each enterprise’s tech stack has had to pivot accordingly.

The last few years have been defined by precedent-breaking cultural shifts in how and why people work. From the sudden shock of the great resignation to the ongoing efforts to reskill and sustainably develop whole workforces, the immediate post-COVID environment for employees has been one of rapid change.

Behind the enterprise scenes, the same narrative is unfolding for employers. Companies are rapidly transforming into digital outfits. Tech companies were hiring, and now hemorrhaging tech staff.

And while this is going on, burnout is on the rise, the backlash against an “always-on” culture is increasing, and the rising dissociative effects of poorly managed hybrid workforces are having an outsize effect on hiring efforts, staff morale and productivity.

This is where savvy HR tech can make all the difference

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Perception, skills and competency mapping

It's especially important for HR leaders to continue to connect reward and recognition with the development of skills.

This is tangible staff management, made real. Decentralized staff still have the same desire to develop as in-office teams, and there is a direct correlation between successful recruitment and retention strategies and commitment to skills development.

At LutherOne, we consider ourselves leaders in this particular alignment of skills mapping and hybrid management where decentralism is the operative word.

Skill & Competence Mapping by LutherOne

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Without an eyes-on approach to workflow and outcomes, managers need to leverage digital hybrid skills and competency mapping to get a full understanding of real-time performance and how actions assist in career development.

HR tech, like LutherOne’s “Bubbles” feature, can provide just this sort of hybrid, decentralized visibility, thereby improving remote team management.

Engagement surveys

As we’ve mentioned in other articles, the power of engagement surveys cannot be underestimated. For hybrid teams, it’s essential in understanding your employee’s connection with their labor and with your business.

With LutherOne, for example, our unique combination of data, technology, and algorithms has created the perfect engagement survey platform.

The distribution of quick-fire but highly targeted survey questions creates a uniquely powerful data set from which to adapt remote and hybrid workflow management. It also very quickly becomes a source of real-time insights, where you can meet any issues head-on and mitigate the worst of employee disconnect.

Task management & performance management

Good task management creates a context for labor. But hybrid-work-proof task management prioritizes and aligns every task with both personal and company development.

This meeting of development minds is what LutherOne has placed at the heart of our Task Management suite, and it sits central to our overall approach to revamping and revolutionizing remote and hybrid team performance management.

In the digital era, effective performance management tools need to identify weaknesses in workflows, breaks in company morale, and drop-offs in productivity. Managing tasks in an effective, decentralized manner is a major element of this and within our task management system are tools to monitor real-time project tracking, performance feedback, and workflow alignment across every team member, no matter where they are.

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