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How HR-tech Can Help Promote Long Term D&I Change

November 07, 2022, 5-min. read
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A successful diverse and inclusive workspace is one that respects, values and leverages differences.

But the hard work of creating as diverse a workplace as possible takes more than sticking plaster HR tactics or diverse recruitment hacks - it takes active, full spectrum change management, driven from the top of a company to the bottom, consistently.

Businesses that actively spearhead diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging report higher performance, productivity, and overall well-being of their staff. This isn't an accident - workplaces feel more engaged with their work, more seen, more trusted, more understood, and more valued, and those teams tend to work harder and smarter than others.

But all the good intentions in the world won’t build an effectively well-positioned D&I strategy - that’s where some well-placed data-led tech and some simple D&I leadership methodology can help!

Listen & act on feedback

One of the fundamental things a business leader can start with is listening. Inclusive organizations are always open to ways of doing things better and are eager to understand where they’re falling short.

LutherOne is a pioneer in leveraging data to fundamentally transform how workplaces bond, how they generate community, and how business leaders look after their staff.

Our continuous engagement survey platforms and wider product ranges are perfectly placed to help companies focus on inclusivity, right across the HR spectrum from recruitment and talent acquisition to internal staff and retention management - all with the least effort possible. We do this via a few simple yet key features of our solution which help craft, track, and improve company-wide and peer-to-peer D&I efforts.

Create and leverage a “Bubble” system

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At LutherOne, we understand that at the core of staff management and talent retention strategies lies recognition - where staff's unique strenghts are seen by their peers, and where effective, meaningful work is valued in context.

Bubbles” are one central component of our perception mapping and 360-degree feedback solution. They are one of our steps into visualizing staff career and behavior pathways through peer-reviewed perception & skill mapping - Bubbles help staff and management understand workforce perception in the most positive and gamified way possible.


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Continuously educate your people

Everyone has a huge part to play in making an organization inclusive and equitable, but the hard work of righting historical wrongs and changing the demographic makeup of a workforce cannot be done meaningfully overnight.

Any D&I strategy should be sustainable and long-term, above all else. That is only guaranteed when change is done from a place of learning.

Continuously educating staff doesn’t mean sitting them in a lecture every week - it means utilizing your wider workplace network to engage your team on multiple fronts in a way that brings people together.

Not only with our enterprise social network, we help companies create an environment of shared stories, common causes, and unique personal histories through everything from workplace Q&As to creating communication workspaces and establishing a D&I champion.

Belonging and acceptance come from understanding, and that takes time while you educate your teams.

How we all continue to develop a diverse, inclusive, and psychologically safe culture, founded on ongoing dialogue, has been a central tenet of LutherOne.

We have built a suite of tools - such as our LutherMatch platform that hyper-focuses on connecting diverse talent with jobs - that are perfectly placed to help companies pivot to equitable staff representation.

For more information on our D&I-focused solutions, head to the LutherOne Diversity and Inclusion page and see first hand how we’re helping companies perfect inclusive workplaces.

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