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It’s Time to Stop Tech-Shaming Gen Z at Work

March 28, 2023, 4-min. read
Tech shame

The workplace has undergone a significant transformation over the last few years, particularly with the rise of technology and the consolidation of hybrid and remote work. With Gen Z entering the workforce, the assumption is that they will have no problem navigating the latest software, tools, and systems used. After all, they are digital natives, having grown up in a tech-dominated world. However, that is not always the case. Gen Z employees can struggle with adapting not only to a brand-new environment (the workplace) but also to traditional and outdated workplace technology. And when they do, they may feel ashamed to ask for help from their colleagues. This can cause anxiety, a lack of sense of belonging, and even imposter syndrome.

Outdated software and tools are usually hard to navigate, clunky, and not user-friendly. This represents a challenge for employees of all generations who are trying to adapt to a new environment and fit in with their peers.


1. Create an environment where it is OK to ask for help

One of the best ways to support Gen Z employees is to create an environment where they feel comfortable admitting they are struggling with technology. A psychologically safe environment. A company culture that values and fosters psychological safety, where employees feel comfortable expressing their thoughts, ideas, and feedback without fear of judgment, is the base for Gen Z employees to feel they fit in. From the beginning of their employee experience, this can help employees feel more comfortable asking for help and admitting when they are struggling.

2. Introduce reverse mentoring program

Consider creating mentorship programs where Gen Z employees can work closely with more experienced colleagues and learn from each other. While more senior colleagues can provide guidance and support as they learn to navigate some existing workplace technology, their younger counterparts can open their eyes in other areas with the unique perspective they bring to the workplace. This can not only help employees develop their technical skills but can also help them build strong relationships with their colleagues and feel more connected to the organization, ultimately minimizing the generational gap.

3. Consider updating your tech-stack

Consider investing in modern, user-friendly software and tools designed to be intuitive and easy to use. This can not only help Gen Z employees but can also benefit employees of all generations who may struggle with outdated technology. Modern collaboration & performance platforms like LutherOne offer a range of features that can help streamline workflows and improve employee productivity at all levels. These platforms can include intuitive interfaces, real-time insights, and recommendations to simplify everyday work for all employees.


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In summary

By taking a comprehensive approach to supporting Gen Z employees in navigating workplace technology, companies can help them feel more confident, engaged, and empowered in their roles, ultimately contributing to the success of the organization as a whole. After all, many of the Gen Z representatives are your company’s future leaders.

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