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What Is Written Is Given | The Importance of Digital Employee Recognition Programs

Bára Barbora Dankova, People Science Director @LutherOne | June 13, 2022, 3-min. read

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Many years ago, my grandmother showed me a medal and a diploma she received as "Accountant of the Year" back in 1933 from the CEO of a company she worked for at the time. Her plaque was presented in a velvet-lined case, and even after more than half a century, her voice trembled as she told me about her experience. At the time she showed me the medal, my grandmother was 89 years old. It was the same year the word "internet" came to life.

Employee Recognition & Appreciation by LutherOne

There's no wonder this recollection of memories was so emotional as awards and praise for achievements are simply gratifying. They acknowledge not only our achievements but also the effort invested in the process of accomplishing them, often giving us the "stamp" of being an expert in the field.

For decades, such awards were usually accompanied by some sort of ceremony and presentation of some document - a certificate or a diploma. Not that long ago, people proudly displayed such artifacts on the walls of their office, or even at home for everyone to see.

How times have changed

But now that internet is no longer just a new word and most people work in some sort of hybrid set-up, in a virtual environment, having all their documents digitized, it might be time to rethink this concept.

If you want your recognition to have real value and reach both in terms of audience and over time, don't limit yourself to historically proven methods. Be modern and reach for digital awards and certificates.


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