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3 Steps to Turning on the Work Mode After Time Off

September 08, 2021, 3-min. read
3 steps to turning on the work mode after time off

We all know that feeling. You just literally left for your well-deserved break, and boom, you’re back in your routine. Time must be going by faster when you’re vacationing. And even though it feels like you didn’t have time to slow down and disconnect, suddenly, everything seems much harder to achieve anyways. “Again, why am I doing this to myself”?

Our mind and memory take the biggest hit when returning from a few days off. Our tasks, projects, the very reason we’re pursuing our career, our will to live, vanish from our minds. Poof. Thanks god for e-mail and those friendly reminders from our boss that bring everything back to the surface...? Well, not everything - but you get the point.

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Slow down to go faster

Diving back into our responsibilities and projects without drowning requires taking a deep breath, ascending slowly. Taking time to get organized and making a plan significantly decreases the chance of panic-induced paralysis. So, start by catching-up on progress with your team-mates, reviewing your to-dos, deadlines and assemble a list of priorities for the coming days. 

The smallest step is better than a great intention

What was that thing you used to do before your vacation that helped to get you up and running? Unless it’s illegal or morally questionable, do it. Re-establish your morning routine by waking up early (or a little later - you do you), and catch up on your pre-work rituals.

Nobody should expect you to move mountains on the first day back. But remember, some people always do. So let’s get down to work. After making that list of to-dos, cutting the cake into bite-sized pieces, focus on eating the next one first. This will allow you to direct all your attention, intention, and actions towards completing your first objective. Great job! We’ve got one down - impressive how great it feels to accomplish something, right? OK, what’s next?

Reconnect with yourself, and others

Being buried in work, not sharing the struggle, or getting a pick-me-up is challenging when working from home. With familiar faces around, everything gets slightly easier. Hence, schedule a short meeting to say hi or start a conversation on your team chat. You’ll be back in the groove in no time.

Back to work after a time off

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