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Why Do Your Hybrid Workers Need An Enterprise-wide Social Network?

July 08, 2022, 4-min. read
Why Do Your Hybrid Workers Need An Enterprise-wide Social Network

Large enterprises are never short of news

From regular company updates to specific team movements, new hires, community events, charitable endeavors, and senior leadership comms, there is - one would say - an overload of information that internal comms managers and senior leaders have to dispense to their teams. 

However, packaging this news in engaging and relevant ways is a bit of a challenge for leaders who are rightly focused on their day-to-day responsibilities.

This is where enterprise social networks change the nature of internal communications by taking the burden off individual teams or departments to curate & deliver team updates or news to the broader company, teams & individuals through the provision of one, bespoke, branded, easy-to-use company-wide platform.

Here are the primary reasons why integrating an enterprise-wide social network is good for all your staff, and especially your remote or hybrid contingent:

How to improve communication and collaboration in your company

Sharing critical information at scale, reaching the right people at the right time

Well-designed internal social networks operate like external ones in that they become repositories for community-wide news, updates, opinions, and discussions. 

A well-positioned and curated internal social network hyper-focuses that type of generalist, community-centric information to an enterprise-wide news feed, helping connect staff to a thread of goings-on around the company that may otherwise be lost amongst the emails, texts, video calls, and remote meetings. 

For remote staff, an enterprise-wide news feed becomes the HQ for all company information outside and in the project and job-related tasks, which naturally builds connections between disparate workforces and draws workers across departments together. 

Break down communication barriers

By facilitating two-way conversation between management & employees, enterprise social networks help break down communication barriers and flatten the organizational structure. 

Internal Social Network by LutherOne

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Ubiquitous, uniform, usable UX that drives engagement

There is nothing more distracting & disturbing than swapping between multiple tabs, workflow platforms, communication hubs, WhatsApp chats, slack channels, and email when trying to stay organized.

An enterprise-wide social network is more than a message board or break-out platform (although they are good at that too!) - a well-crafted social network will ease entire team and business communications and take away labor-intensive flicks between them separate HR or workflow channels. Simple UX should be part of the process of talking and engaging with peers and seniors.

Your people deserve the best

LutherOne has created bespoke internal social network solutions for medium & large companies who need to be able to engage their team and provide workflow and feedback solutions simultaneously. Intelligent news distribution algorithms ensure critical information reaches everyone, while topic-related posts reach the right people at the best time possible. 

In LutherOne, design sits central to our philosophy of creating seamless collaborative, performance-driven cultures, especially for remote teams. Combining contemporary UX with scalability for any and every company, LutherOne features: 

  • Pinnable content, for company-wide alerts or announcements to remain at the top of worker’s feeds,
  • The chance to post text, images, polls, likes, and reactions/emojis for maximum engagement, 
  • The opportunity to open private channels and online workgroups, seamlessly connecting staff with both their workloads and providing a one-stop-shop solution for all productivity,
  • Customizable profiles, 
  • Repository of all key resources, files, links & systems, 
  • Instant messaging, 
  • Automated notifications via email and mobile, 
  • And much more... 
Regardless of the work modality, companies need to keep everyone involved, informed, and aligned. 

The more visually attractive and user-friendly the collaboration tools in place, the easier it is for employees to use them and engage with the content shared there. 

From official company announcements to informal conversations, LutherOne offers a single platform to bring company culture to life, and bring everyone together, despite the distances.

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